Small Business Private Exchange

Your Next Steps

An exchange is like any other store

It thrives on three things:


Great Products

A huge selection of the best quality products in the market. Add or subtract any products from your store and invite your employees to go shopping. 




All the top insurance companies are competing for your business every time you go shopping. That competition insures that you get the best value.   



Low Prices

Use the buying power of our nationwide agent network to get the lowest price plans. We'll personally negotiate each policy for even lower costs.

Lower Costs Creative plan designs, custom finanical strategies, and defined contribution models where employers set the dollar amount they will pay for benefits. Our benefit management system, exchange store, payroll services and HR outsourcing can save you time and money.


PPACA Compliance All plans offered in the exchange are compliant with the new law. We handle the Affordability Testing as well as other Health Reform reporting.  


PPACA Reporting and Calculations We will show you, down to the penny, how the Health Reform law affects your business. We will develop a financial strategy specifically for your business that saves you the most money and is compliant with the law.  


COBRA Administration A third-party administrator can handle all of the notifications and administration for you so you don't risk a costly error. 


Section 125, 5500 FSA, HSA, or HRA Administrator We can take care of all your Section 125 Premium Only Plan documents,Flexible Spending Account, Health Savings Account or Health Reimbursement Account administration.



Custom Benefit Management System Employees can choose from the products you've put in the store and build a benefit portfolio that's perfect for them. Anytime of the year, they can view benefits, see the provider network, review claims, make changes, view company policies, commnicate directly with Human Resources, and more. 


Benefits App All the same features as the online system are included in the app for your smartphone. Access information when you're on-the-go.  


Itemized Reporting Create a variety of custom reports at the touch of a button including payroll, benefits, and more.


Online Enrollment No more endless paper trail and applications getting lost. Employees shop and enroll online.  


Payroll Service The payroll system fully integrates with your benefit management system. Employees can view their paycheck, deductions, and withholdings anytime.


Human Resource Support Access to the top Human Resource experts in the country. Call or email them anytime with questions. Use the library for grab-and-go templates for policy and procedure manuals, letters, documents, employee notifications, and more. 

A great store has great selection

You pick the products, you pick the insurance companies, we build the store


Life Life insurance is one of the most coverages that you can buy to protect your loved ones if the unforseen happens. Group and individual life insurance are available. 


Short-Term & Long-Term Disability Helps replace your income if you become disabled due to an illness or accident.   


Long-Term Care  Provides coverage for nursing home, assisted living, or in-home healthcare - your choice - so you don't have to deplete your savings or rely on financial assistance from your family when the need arrises. 


Legal Plans Access to exceptional attorneys and legal advice. Get legal documents such as wills, trusts, copyrights, coporation, real estate, and more. 


Identity Theft Protection against identity theft, where it's too easy for a criminal to ruin your credit and cost you thousands. 


Pet Insurance Don't forget your furbabies. Helps cover out-of-pocket expenses for exams, medicine, labs, and more.


Critical Illness Pays a cash payment upon diagnosis for critical illnesses like cancer, stroke or heart disease to be used for anything


Accident Pays a cash payment when you have an accident, which can be used for anything. Great to fill in gaps created by your health plan.  

Lifestyle Protection 

Health & Wellness 

Administration & Services

Benefit Management

Group Health Offer multiple benefit options to your employees. HMO, POS, PPO, Indemnity, HSA, and HRA plans available from the top insurance companies. 


Individual Health If you decide to not offer group health insurance plans, we can give you a custom-branded individual store for your employees instead.


Medicare Supplements For employees who are still working but are turning 65, we can offer them access to our Medicare Supplement exchange.


Dental Employer-sponsored, voluntary, or discount plans are available. Can include choose any dentist, preventive, root canals, crowns, ortho, and more.


Vision Employer-sponsored, voluntary, or discount plans are available to add to the store. Plans can include exams, glasses, contacts, LASIK, and more.


Wellness Programs Disease management, weightloss, stop smoking, lab testing, and more. Wellness participation might earn discounts on your health insurance.   


Tele-medicine When you're too busy to get to the doctor's office. 24/7 access to an on-call physician who can give you advice and prescriptions over the phone.


Health Advocate A healthcare professional can give you advice on the phone, recommend specialists, book appointments and help advise you on elder-care for your parents. 

How do you decide what products go in our store?

You tell us which products you'd like included in your store and we'll build it specifically for your business. 



Can you include any insurance company?

Yes. Most exchanges have limited partnerships, but we can bring you any insurance company. We offer all the best companies and negotiate you the lowest rates. 



Do we have to pay for all the products that our employees select? 

No, you don't. You give each employee a specific dollar amount to spend in the store, and any purchases made over your contribution will be paid for by the employee through payroll deduction. 



Your store built your way