Businesses with 51 or more Employees

Each employee is unique, just like their benefit needs. In recent years, you've probably watched costs go up while trying to offer a one-size-fits-all-solution that didn't really fit anybody.


Lighthouse Benefit Exchange will build a one-of-a-kind technology platform for your business that includes a private marketplace where your employees can shop for and enroll in insurance products. Tell us which products you'd like included in your custom marketplace - everything from medical and dental to pet insurance and telemedicine. Then we'll invite your employees to login, go shopping, and enroll in benefits online. 


Give your employees the power of choice by allowing them to build custom benefit packages. Our Virtual Plan Coach is there to make personalized recommendations and walk each employee through the enrollment process. Benefits are always explained in everyday language - not insurance jargon - so it's easy for employees to choose the products that are best for them. 


Save money with Defined Contribution - giving each employee a fixed dollar amount to spend in the store so your costs are fixed. Once an employee exceeds your contribution amount, they can continue shopping for products through payroll deduction. Our technology will show them exactly how much they're spending per paycheck so they can manage their budget. Most employers save 10-30% in the first year using this model.


Our technology will keep your business ACA and HIPAA compliant. Use your private exchange year-round for automated new hire and employee terminations, COBRA management, payroll reporting, Qualifying Life Events, intra-office communication, and more.  


Lighthouse Exchange will offer your business quality, flexibility, choice, and value. 




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Related Information


  • Under ACA, a large business has more than 50 full-time equivalent employees

  • A full-time equivalent (FTE) employee is a true employee of your business working at least 30 hours per week and 120 or more days per year

  • A large business is required to offer health insurance to it's employees or pay a penalty starting in 2015


  • A large business must offer health insurance that is affordable for each employee or pay a penalty starting in 2015


  • Enrolling in benefits through a private exchange offers you the best value. Give your employees the power of choice, online enrollment and the latest benefit technology