Small Business Private Exchange



We understand the problems facing Employee Benefits today

That's why we created the solution

Today's Problems

Exchange Solutions





Health Reform

& Compliance

Lower Cost Plans


The buying power of our nationwide network

The Power of Choice


Employees often enroll in lower cost plans when given the choice

Outsourced Expenses


Instead of paying outside vendors, get exchange services

Benefit App


Employees have access to benefits anytime on their smartphone

Real-Time Enrollment


Employees can directly enroll through your exchange store 

Control Over Benefits


Employees create their own benefit portfolio that is perfect for them

Better Choices


Select personalized benefits from a 

store full of great products 

Education & Training  


Our tools suggest products and explain how to use them

Administration Ease


Technology streamlines administration so less problems

Affordability Testing


Our calculators determine if your plan is affordable under the new law

Reporting & Notifications


Exchange handles all your required reporting and employee notifications

Pay or Play


Our calculators show your cost to offer insurance versus the penalty if you don't offer benefits

Outsourced Services


Use the exchange to be compliant in all areas of benefits & HR

Give your business the advantage of a private exchange


Better Choices

Select from quality, low-cost plans

Fixed benefits budget. Lower premiums. Custom financial strategies. Less administration overhead. Employees choose their own low-cost coverage.

Save Time

With exchange technology & services

Streamlined administration. Benefit management system. Simple Chioces. Shopping cart enrollment. Benefits 

app. Custom online tools.

Huge product selection. Employees only enroll in the coverage they need. Lower premiums. Personalized benefit porfolios. Comprehensive coverage.   

Health Reform

We'll handle all your requirements

Pay or play calculators. Required reporting and notifications. Custom strategy. Affordable Care Act-compliant plans. Customzied Education and advice.    


Custom-built and branded for you

Benefit Management system with Smartphone App. Exchange store. Intra-office communication. Custom Reports. Integrated payroll. Online enrollment.    

Exchange Services


Save money by using exchange payroll, COBRA, and more

Unhappy with Benefits





Spend Less

You decide what you want to spend

Added Services

Your one-stop-shop for benefits

Payroll services, COBRA Administration, Section 125 POP Plans, HRA and HSA Administration, Wellness Programs, On-Boarding and Off-Boarding Services.  

What about the group plan you have now?

You can keep it and still use exchange technology and services



Request your complimentary plan review today

We'll make sure that you're compliant with the law and we'll show you how to get the most benefit at the lowest price.