Long-Term Care Insurance

Coverage for in-home elder care

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In these hard economic times, insuring your elder care is more important than ever.  Long-term care insurance protects your future.





Get the most out of your golden years with long-term care insurance


Long-Term Care Insurance has been designed to pick up and provide coverage where health insurance leaves off. It provides insurance to cover your housing, supervision, and basic activities of daily living (like bathing, eating, toileting, dressing and moving about).  

Long-Term Care Insurance helps you maintain your independence and freedom of choice over how and where your elder care is provided. Long-Term Care Insurance will protect your assets and help ensure that your long-term care needs will not be a physical or financial burden on your family.






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A March 2010 Age Wave/Harris Interactive survey stated 92% of married couples have never discussed, if they needed care, where they would like to receive it, who they would like to provide it, or how they would fund it. 


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