Based on the information you provided, you are eligible for Medicare. You'll get Medicare Part A (hospitalization) automatically and you will pay a premium for Medicare Part B (medical).


You'll probably want to add supplement plans to help cover the expenses that Medicare alone doesn't cover.


A Medicare Supplement - sometimes called Medigap - helps cover medical costs. Many choose Plan F, which pays what Medicare doesn't pay for eligible services to any doctor or hosptial of your choice.


Since Medicare alone doesn't cover presciptions, you might want to also add a Part D Prescription plan so you have prescription coverage.

Affordable options? Yes, please.

Related Information

  • Medicare is considered qualified coverage under the new law, so you will not be charged a penalty


  • ACA affected Medicare policies very little. It only called for lowering your out-of-pocket costs during the "donut hole" on Part D prescriptions plans


  • ​If you're eligible for Medicare but still working full-time, you can keep your job-based coverage if you choose​


  • Whether Medicare or your job-based coverage pays as the primary insurer depends on the size of your employer


  • You cannot qualify for a tax subsidy for Medicare products under ACA


  • If your spouse isn't 65 yet, he or she can't be turned down for new individual policies through the exchange. Shop here