Can I keep my doctor?

You may be able to keep your doctor and use one of the new plans, depending on the plan you choose.

Different plans have different doctor choices:

A network is a list of hospitals, doctors, specialists, pharmacies, and other health care providers that participate in your plan. The health care providers have contracts to take care of the plan's members (that's you!). Depending on the type of policy you buy, care may be covered only when you get it from a network provider.

ACA says that plans on-exchange (using government money to lower your costs if you qualify) and off-exchange (no government subsidy) plans must have identical plan benefis in your area. However, you might notice your doctor choices are smaller for the on-exchange plans.

When comparing plans, you will see a link to a list of providers in each plan’s network. If staying with your current doctors is important to you, check to see if they are included before enrolling in a plan.

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