How does Health Reform affect Medicare (age 65+ or disabled plans)?

Medicare really isn't affected by the Affordable Care Act. Medicare Part A and Part B benefits will not change under the new Health Reform law.

Medicare supplement policies aren't affected, either. The open enrollment for Medicare Advantage plans will stay the same: October 15 - December 7 each year.

Part D Prescription Plans:

The only real change comes in Part D Prescription plans. The law calls for shrinking the "donut hole" by providing discounts on prescriptions during the donut hole period - the time in which you pay for your prescriptions out-of-pocket on a Part D plan.

What do you need to do if you have Medicare plans now?

If you have a Medicare plan now, you do not need to make any changes because of the new law. Medicare and all Medicare supplement plans are considered qualified coverage, so you will not pay a penalty.

If you are retired but under age 65, then you can purchase a private health insurance policy through the exchange until you are eligible for Medicare at age 65.

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