What if I retire but I'm too young for Medicare?

Medicare at age 65:

You qualify for Medicare at age 65. Some people qualify for Medicare younger based on disabilities, but for most people, it is based on age alone. It does not matter what age you get Social Security income earlier, Medicare will still begin at age 65.

Retiring before age 65:

If you retire before age 65, you'll need to secure health insurance coverage to avoid paying a penalty starting in 2014, unless you qualify for an excemption.

Many will qualify for reduced premiums or lower out-of-pocket plans based on your household income and family size through the exchange.

You might qualify for extending your employer health insurance benefits through COBRA, another continuation option, or a special retiree health plan.

You might qualify for Medicaid, which is low-cost or no-cost insurance for low-income individuals or families.

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