What if I'm Self-Employed?

How does the Affordable Care Act affect businesses of one?

If you have a business of one, then you are Self-Employed, not "an employer", under the Affordable Care Act. You would not be able to get a group health insurance plan for your business, but you would be able to get a low-cost individual or family plan. You could even qualify for reduced premiums or lower out-of-pocket expenses based on your household income and family size.

How are health plans changing to help me?

  • Starting in 2014, no health insurance company can turn you away or charge you more for pre-existing conditions, health history, claims, gender or profession.

  • Pre-existing conditions and pregnancy are always covered.

  • Insurance companies must pay 80 cents of every premium dollar back on healthcare, not administrative costs.

  • Insurance companies are limited on how much more they can charge older adults compared to younger adults for the same plan, making older adults premiums more reseasonable.

  • Many will qualify for lower rates based on household income and family size. Try our Subsidy Calculator to see if you qualify for lower rates under the new law.

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