How does a private exchange help small businesses (2-49 employees)?

The two biggest problems facing Small Business health plans today are cost and administration - and that was before Health Reform complicated things. But a private exchange (like us!) takes care of everything so you can take care of your business.

Lowering your costs

You'll get the buying power of our nationwide network, so you'll be choosing from lower priced plans. We'll develop a personalized financial strategy to save your business even more money. Our advice goes way beyond quotes on a spreadsheet.

Small Businesses have more options

Small Businesses are not subject to any penalties for not offering insurance to their employees, so you have more options. You can select from low-cost business plans offered through the private exchange, or you can give your employees access to our Individual and Family private exchange instead.

If your employees qualify for tax subsidies (money the government will pay to their private insurance company to make their plan affordable), they can only use it toward individual and family policies, not your group policy.

We'll present all your options to you in everyday language so it makes sense. We'll be able to show you, down to the penny, which option saves you the most money and makes the most sense.

Defined Contribution

Not only will you be shopping from lower priced plans, but by using our private exchange, you can pick a fixed dollar amount to give to each employee to spend in the store. This is also called "defined contribution".

Now you don't have to worry about renewal increases anymore. Employees login to the secure online store that we'll built especially for your business. Then, they go shopping. Employees love building personalized benefit packages that are unique and perfect for them.

Administration Ease

We'll give you a custom benefit management system built just for your business. It will be branded for your business and we can load it full of whatever company information you'd like - maybe an events calendar, employee handbook, or even a video message from you.

Employees login, set up a profile, and make their benefit selections from your store. As they are adding benefits to their shopping cart, they are enrolling in those benefits. Yep, that's it - enrollment is done. It's that simple.

Each employee can download a benefit app to their smartphone to have 24/7 access to benefits or to make changes. Your benefit management system can also be linked to your payroll system, so employees can have access to payroll information and compensation statements. Get access to other private exchange technology and services such as Section 125, COBRA, FSA, HSA, or HRA administration.

Health Reform Advice and Strategies

It seems like everytime we turn on the television, we are hearing something about the Health Reform law, but it's still hard to know how it will affect us exactly. That's why you have the experts at the private exchange to do all the work for you.

You know that every plan you enroll in through the private exchange is 100% compliant with the new law. Our experts will handle any calculations, reporting, or employee notifications that might be required under the Affordable Care Act for your business.

We just made employee benefits simple. Contact us today for your complimentary proposal and cost-saving strategy.

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