Small Business Private Exchange


Employers save time and money. Employees choose their own benefits. Talk about a win-win.

An exchange is a new way to buy benefits

An exchange gives you all this and more



A private exchange is an online benefits store built especially for your business. You tell us exactly how much you want to spend and we'll invite your employee to go shopping.  


Employees finally get the power of choice, building personalized benefit porfolios with the coverage they need. No more one-size-fits all solution that doesn't fit anybody.


Most employers save 10-30% the first year through fixed benefit costs, lower priced plans, technology, administration, and servcies.  












Give your business the power of a private exchange 

How can a private exchange help you?

1. Building your store—Tell us which plans you’d like in your secure

online benefits store and we’ll build your private marketplace.


2. Defined Contribution—Give each employee a specific dollar

amount to spend in your store. Once employees exceed that

amount, we’ll show them their costs per paycheck.


3. Decision Support Technology—Our virtual Plan Coach will make

personalized benefit recommendations for each employee based on

lifestyle, needs, and budget. And then, help the employee enroll.


4. Online Enrollment—Each employee builds a custom benefit

portfolio and only enrolls in the coverage they need, online, through

your private marketplace. (Go paperless!)


5. Administrative Support– Use your private exchange year-round

for new hires, COBRA management, ACA compliance, and more.

Employee Benefits just got simple

Save Time & Money 

You set the price for benefits, low-cost plans, exchange administration and services 

Better Choices 

Give your employees the power of choice. They select from quality low-cost plans from top companies

Health Reform Compliance

We'll develop a personalized benefit strategy and make sure you are compliant with ACA

Latest Technology  

Smartphone app and benefit management system, custom store, payroll, intraoffice, and more  

Custom Strategies 

No one-size-fits-all solutions here. Our experts will design a financial strategy just for you

Support and Advice

Access to our nationwide network of Employee Benefit specialists and Health Reform experts