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Senorita Citizen

Senorita always dreamed of being a movie star, and she was this close to getting Maria Tomei’s part in My Cousin Vinny, but superstardom wasn’t in the cards. Senorita tried to help her Mom sort through all the Medicare Supplement information she got in the mail and was so confused! That was, until she found our private exchange. Now Senorita is the star of her family, which makes her very happy. So happy, in fact,  she doesn’t even make her husband sleep on the couch anymore because of his snoring. 


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Songwriting Steve

Steve grew up a big fan of bands like Metallica, Motley Crew and Guns N Roses. But all that head banging really took its toll, and since the late 80’s, Steve's spent more money on neck braces than electric guitars. Steve never really believed in health insurance until he needed back surgery. He found a great plan through the private exchange that covered his pre-existing condition. Now Steve is back on his feet, 100% healthy, and more into artists like Michael Bolton, Michael Buble, and other guys named Michael who sing really slow songs. 


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The Super Mom

The Super Mom loves the challenge of being a homemaker. Her husband thinks she's "", except he does wish that she'd take off her mask every now and then. When her kids are sick, she knows that she'll spend half a day at the doctor's office, exposing her family to all kinds of illnesses while she's there. She enrolled in tele-medicine through the private exchange so she can call a doctor anytime she wants and get prescriptions called into her pharmacy. She saved so much time and money; she was finally able to buy that cape she's been wanting. 


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Frankie "The Boss" Gessati

Frankie spent most of his life doing honest work (as far as you know) as a bookie for some guy named Al Capone. Frankie was plagued by his addictions to calzones, pizza and eggplant parmesan until his doctor told him that his blood looked like melted cheese, so he bought some disability insurance through the private exchange. A week later, Frankie was celebrating Valentine’s Day with some friends. They were victims of a drive-by shooting, leaving Frankie disabled. Since he can no longer work, he's so happy that he got disability insurance.


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Princess Bella from the Land of Insure-A-Lot

Princess Bella has been a drama queen for most of her life. She loves to gloat about her tiara and remind all her friends from work that she lives in a big castle on top of the hill. But one thing Bella takes very seriously is critical illness insurance, which pays you cash for the diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, or stroke. She saw how important critical illness plans were when her mom got sick. Bella sends all her friends to the private exchange to enroll... and then she talks about her talks about her tiara and castle. 


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Priscilla the Poet

Priscilla always dreamed of sipping coffee and writing poetry in a Paris cafe, so she worked and saved until she finally had enough money to book her trip to France. Just days before she was scheduled to leave, she tripped over a kid's skateboard in the park and broke her arm. Luckily, she had already enrolled in an accident plan through the private exchange that paid her cash for her injury. She was able to pay her medical bills and not have to use one penny of her Paris fund. "J'aime l'échange privé!"


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Aussie Osbourne

Aussie grew up in Australia and moved to the states when his uncle became a famous singer. One night, after a long night of rocking the house, Aussie and his uncle went to get some grub. As they we crossing some railroad tracks, his uncle tripped and was killed by a crazy train. Aussie’s uncle didn't have any life insurance and his family was reduced to eating bats. Gross. After that, Aussie found great life insurance through the private exchange. Now he lives a simpler life hunting crocodiles with some guy named Dundee.


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Pete the Cap-Toothed Pirate

Pete lived his younger years as a dirty pirate (literally), with hygiene so bad that he'd make a skunk run away. As time went on, his poor grooming habits began to show in his smile, and it was having a negative effect with the ladies. Pete decided that he needed some dental insurance, but he didn't know where to start. Then he found our private exchange. Now Pete has the pearliest whites on the high seas. lf only we sold showers on the private exchange... Peeuw!


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Tex Asrancher

Tex Asrancher is, coincidentally, a texas rancher. (Get it?) He's lived his entire life on his family's ranch located just outside of Johnson City, Texas. His family has always raised cows, but now Tex is raising lamas  because he believes they could be the meat of the future. Last year, he watched the Morgan family lose their farm when Mr. and Mrs. Morgan needed in-home elder care. Tex bought long-term care insurance through the private exchange so he doesn't have to worry about that. Everybody is happy with his decision... except the lamas. 


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Movie Vision Guy

Movie Vision Guy grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to New York to pursue his dream of becoming a stage actor. He realized that he needed glasses when he tripped and fell off the stage during an audition. He picked up some great vision insurance through the private exchange and it changed his life. Because now, he can read his scripts so much easier and hardly ever falls anymore. Currently, Movie Vision Guy is enjoying a successful career doing voiceovers. Many say that he sounds like Movie Trailer Guy, but if you listen closely, there's a subtle but distinct difference. 


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The Wicked Witch of the Unprotected

After recovering from several recontructive surgeries when a house fell on her during a tornado, the Wicked Witch had a new lease on life. She knew she had to fight smarter, not harder, if she wanted to get those ruby red slippers. She quickly learned the quickest way into Dorothy's closet was through her bank account. After Dorothy lost thousands of dollars through identity theft, she could only afford generic dog food for Toto. She bought an Identity Theft and a Legal Plan through our private exchange so that can't happen again. Dorothy was so excited, she spent the rest of the day dancing in her ruby red slippers. 


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Kitty Kitty

Kitty Kitty always hated her unoriginal name, so when she became a teenager, she grew very rebellious. First, she was clawing furniture, then she moved onto to bigger things like swallowing the name tag off her collar. Luckily, Kitty's family had already enrolled in Pet Insurance through the private exchange so they didn't have to pay an arm and a leg at the vet. Kitty was changed by her near-death experience, and turned her passion into art. Now she's a well-known sculpter. She's also the co-fouder of a non-profit organization called "Be Original, Even If You're Name Isn't".


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